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  • TREBITSCH Czech Single Malt Whisky NICARAGUA RUM is an extraordinary single malt Trebitsch whisky made from Czech ingredients at TREBITSCH old town distillery. Malt comes from Moravia, cane from Bohemia and local water with parameters of infant water, all matured after 4 years in its own oak barrels made of Orava oak and another 1 year whiskey lay in barrels of rum from Nicaragua.

    Trebitsch Czech Single Malt Whisky Double Barrel Age Nicaragua Rum 500ml 40%

    • Tasting Note

      The taste of whisky is delicately delicate and decently sweet, which is supplied by an original rum barrel. Whisky is cold filtered and contains no artificial sweeteners, dyes or preservatives. As the first Czech whisky, it received an international certificate of kosher quality. 

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