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  • A single malt Japanese whisky from the Miyashita Distillery, in the Okayama Prefecture in the south of Japan. Miyashita produced the whisky in celebration of their 100th anniversary (they have long produced sake, beer and shochu).

    Okayama Triple Cask as its name suggests, is a blend of single malts aged in 3 different types of casks such as ; Sherry (Pedro Jiménez), Brandy and Mizunara the Japanese oak.


    Aroma : This combination of barrels reveals a round profile whose nose expresses aromas of ripe red fruits

    Taste : Toasted wood and sweet spices, and a delicate finish leaving greedy aromas of vanilla, cocoa and caramel.

    Aftertaste : A lingering nutty aftertaste is followed by a hint of sherry.

    It's made using barley from Japan and Germany, and was aged in brandy barrels before being bottled at 40% ABV

    Okayama Single Malt Whisky Triple Cask 700ml, Japan

    • Technical

      Type : Single Malt  (Triple Cask)

      Brand : Okayama

      Producer : Miyashita Sake Brewery

      Distillery : Miyashita

      Region : Honshu - Okayama

      Strength : 43 %

      Volume : 70 cl

      Type of cask : Sherry - Brandy - Mizunara

      Ingredients : Barley from Japan and Germany

      Bottling :  Small Batch

      Peat  :No peated

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