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西班牙伊比利亞黑毛豬火腿(殼飼)至少30个月醃製 80g

Iberico Cebo Ham (Cereal) at least 30 months curation 80g

Our iberico cebo ham is produced in Astorga, Leon, in the northern part of Spain. The geographical advantage and climate make it ideal for producing cured meat products.

High quality iberico pigs are selected for making this cebo ham. The hind leg is used. The meat is tender with strong after taste.

Storage: keep refrigerated at 0°C to 4°C.

Net weight: 80g

Origin: Spain

Iberico Cebo Ham (Cereal) At Least 30 Months Curation 80g

HK$148.00 Regular Price
HK$120.00Sale Price
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