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Hennessy has invited artist YANG YONGLIANG to portray the dragon's surging power and the continuity of its glorious legacy through a digital lens. Blended of more than 100 eaux-de-vie, rich and complex, it combines the spicy aromas of oak and leather with the sweeter essences of flowers and ripe fruit. Well balanced, the initial flourish is dominated by pepper and rancio.

The golden bottle with the interior printed with a collective of dragons dancing in and out of golden waves has given Hennessy X.O a nice touch and brought it to the pinnacle of gifting

Hennessy XO 2024 Limited Edition 軒尼詩 XO 2024 龍年春節限量版 70cl

HK$2,380.00 Regular Price
HK$2,180.00Sale Price
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