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西班牙手切100%伊比利亞黑毛豬火腿 (肩部),至少30個月醃製50g  橡果餵飼

and-sliced 100% Iberico Shoulder Ham (Acorn), at least 30 months curation 50g

This ham of pure iberico breed is the king of Spanish gastronomy. The pigs live free roaming in the Dehesa (oak forest), feeding on natural products and especially acorn which is their favorite food during the last 3 to 4 months of “Montanera” (acorn-dropping season) prior to their slaughter.

In the ham bodega of Salamana, our artisans follow a traditional elaboration process in which every piece of ham receives the maximum care and dedication required for perfect curation. The result is a ham with an intense aroma, and a complex flavour with sweet nuttiness and a long, lingering aftertaste. This ham has a minimum curation of 30 months.

This ham comes from the hind leg of the iberico pig. The shoulder ham meat has a firmer texture.

Storage: keep refrigerated at 0°C to 4°C.

Net weight: 50g

Origin: Spain

Hand-Sliced 100% Iberico Shoulder Ham (Acorn), At Least 30 Months Curation 50g

HK$229.00 Regular Price
HK$180.00Sale Price
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