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  • Kirinzan Ginjo Black Bottle 麒麟山 吟醸 ブラックボトル 


    The taste is refreshing, dry and smooth, and the deliciousness and aroma released in the mouth are very rich. The acidity is also properly balanced and will not affect the thickness of the wine. It is suitable for drinking at room temperature and can be served with fresh vegetables and fish.

    KIRINZAN Ginjo Black Bottle(麒麟山 吟醸 ブラックボトル) 1800ml, 720ml

    HK$418.00 Regular Price
    HK$388.00Sale Price
    • Technical Sheet

      Product Name 麒麟山 ブラックボトル(きりんざん ぶらっくぼとる)
      Liquor Type Ginjo
      Ingredient raw rice

      Niigata Rice

      ABV 15° to 16°
      Rice Polishing Ratio 58%
      Japanese Liquor +5
      Acidity 1.3
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