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KIRINZAN Plum Wine(麒麟山 梅酒 きりんざん うめしゅ)  500ml 


Using thick and juicy green plums harvested before they mature, it has a fresh, natural aroma and soothing refreshing acidity. Recommended plum wine with moderate sweetness.

For Kirin Mountain plum wine, specially brewed pure rice wine is used. You can enjoy a light and refreshing aftertaste while taking advantage of the rich green plum fruit flavor.

KIRINZAN Plum Wine(きりんざん うめしゅ)(麒麟山 梅酒) 500ml

  • Technical Sheet

    Alcohol quality plum wine
    Ingredients Sake, plum, sugar
    Alcohol content 12 degrees or more, 13 degrees or less

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