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  • 麒麟山 大吟醸 生 ホワイトボトル 

    Kirin Mountain Daiginjo Sake White Bottle


    Without any heat treatment, it retains the original flavor of fresh grain. The soft aroma and refreshing taste of the wine give a strong aftertaste, which is suitable for cold drinks and hot seafood dishes

    KIRINZAN Daiginjo Sake White Bottle(麒麟山 大吟醸 生 ホワイトボトル) 720ml & 300ml

    • TechnicalSheet

      Product Name

      KIRINZAN Daiginjo Sake White Bottle

      or 麒麟山 大吟醸 生

      or ホワイトボトル(きりんざん ほわいとぼとる)       

      Liquor Type Daiginjo Raw Sake
      Ingredient raw rice 5 million stones(新潟県產米 五百万石)
      ABV    15° to 16°
      Rice Polishing Ratio 50%

      Japanese Liquor



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