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    KIRINZAN Ginjo Pink Bottle(麒麟山 吟醸 ピンクボトル)  1800ml, 720ml,  300ml

    "Lightweight and gorgeous" is the characteristic of this bottle. The taste is mild and smooth, and it has a gentle scent of ginjo, which can relax in daily life. You can easily have a drink after work. It is suitable for cold drinks or drinking at 40~45 degrees. This wine is especially popular with ladies. 

    KIRINZAN Ginjo Pink Bottle(麒麟山 吟醸 ピンクボトル) 1800ml, 720ml, 300ml

    • Technical Sheet

      Product Name

      KIRINZAN Ginjo Pink Bottle

      麒麟山 吟醸 ピンクボトル(きりんざん ぴんくぼとる)

      Liquor Type Ginjo
      Ingredient Raw Rice Niigata Rice, 5 million stones(五百万石)
      ABV 14° to 15°
      Rice Polishing Ratio 58%
      Japanese Liquor +3
      Acidity 1.2
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