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KIRINZAN Junmai GinjoBrown Bottle 麒麟山 ブラウンボトル 純米吟醸 720ml

Light aroma and rich pure rice flavor, round rice flavor and sake rice fragrance spread in the mouth, but with a supple palate, the aroma and taste are maintained very well, cold drink will enhance the fresh aroma, suitable to enjoy with fish sashimi.

KIRINZAN Junmai Ginjo Brown Bottle(麒麟山 純米吟醸 ブラウンボトル) 720ml

  • Technical Sheet

    Product Name

    KIRINZAN Junmai Ginjo Brown Bottle

    麒麟山 ブラウンボトル(きりんざん ぶらうんぼとる)

    Liquor Type Junmai Ginjo

    Ingredient Raw Rice
    Niigata Rice, 5 million stones(五百万石)
    ABV 15° to 16°
    Rice Polishing Ratio 55%
    Japanese Liquor +3
    Acidity 1.3
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