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Product Description: 
It has awarded the National New Wine Appraisal Committee Gold-Award. It is brewed from Yamada Nishiki in Hyogo Prefecture, and the step rate of polished rice is as high as 38%, plus the famous local underground water "stone permeable water". It uses the best rice and the best water, which contains the brewer’s "skills and heart "It's brewed. The aroma is overflowing, the wine is rich in taste and delicious, and the five flavors are very balanced.

Inari Daiginjo Yamada Nishiki(稲里 大吟醸 山田錦 天)  720ml

  • Technical Sheet

    Rice Polishing Rate: 38%
    Ingredients: 日本晴100%  
    Alcohol content: 16%
    Vol: 720ml

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