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Product Description: 
This sake is brewed using “Yamada-nishiki” rice which is milled down to 40% of its original weight (60% of the rice will be discarded). This sake is brewed in the coldest part of winter, with the brewmaster’s excellent skills utilized throughout all brewing processes. It has a well balanced fruity flavor and excellent rice taste.


Tasting Notes: 

The fruity and mellow aroma of Yamada Nishiki have reached a balance. 

SANZEN Junmai Daiginjo Omachi 40(燦然 純米大吟醸 40磨) 720ml

  • Technical Sheet

    Rice Polishing Rate: 40%
    Ingredients: 100% Yamadanishiki
    Alcohol content: 16-17%
    Vol: 720ml

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