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Product Description: 

Sanzen Daiginjo is made with high quality ‘Yamada-Nishiki” rice which is milled down to 35% of its original weight (65% of the rice will be discarded), and brewed with the all traditional brewing skills of the President & Toji, To Kikuchi . This Sake has a luscious flavor called a ‘Ginjo Flavor ‘, which tastes of refined elegance. This sake may be enjoyed chilled; try serving in wine or champagne glasses.

SANZEN Daiginjo (35 Omachi) (燦然 大吟醸原酒 35磨) 720ml

  • Technical Sheet

    Rice Polishing Ratio: 35%
    Ingredients: Rice, Rice koji, Brewed alcohol
    Alcohol content: 17-18%
    Vol: 720ml

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