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  • 帝松  "褻と霽れ ケトハレ" 純米吟醸  720ml

    Product Description:

    "The first yeast in the sake industry was called "Primeur yeast" and was originally used in wine.Similar to the fruity taste of esters; sake and wine can be used.The smell of grapes and bananas is common in sake and wine, and the taste is excellent in sweetness and astringency similar to wine. "                  

    Japanese Sake Ematsu Kuri Ketohare PRIMEUR (帝松 "褻と霽れ ケトハレ" 純米吟醸) 720ml

    • Technical Sheet

      Rice polishing Rate: 60%
      Ingredients: 彩のかがやき
      Alcohol content: 16%
      Vol: 720ml
      Acid: 3.0

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