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  • Mikadomats [Simosato] grown in chemical-free environment 720ml


    Shimosato in Saitama prefecture is known for its chemical-free environment fields.
    The field of Simosato is made only of natural plant food without any chemical fertilizer.
    Moreover, weeding and pest control are done by hand working.
    We polish 60% of its rice and use them to add rich rice aroma to the sake.
    This Zyunmai-Ginzyosyu is made by Mikadomatsu’s traditional technique inheriting from edo-era and low temperature fermentation tank

    Mikadomats [Simosato] grown in chemical-free environment帝松 純米吟醸 完全無農薬 霜里 720ml

    • Technical Sheet

      Rice polishing Rate(精米步合):    60%                        
      Ingredients: N/A                      
      ABV: 16%                        
      Vol: 720ml          

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