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Giyoei Shibori Ichiban Sake御代栄 しぼったそのまま一番酒   ( 生原酒)   

Product Description:

This is the signature wine of "Kitajima Brewery"! The most popularSake". The original is extruded and stored at a low temperature, then it is fired and bottled. As the alcohol content is high and the quality of the alcohol is good, it is recommended to enjoy it with ice cubes.        

Giyoei Shibori Ichiban Sake(御代栄 しぼったそのまま一番酒 生原酒) 1800ml, 720ml, 300ml

HK$220.00 Regular Price
HK$198.00Sale Price
  • Technical Sheet

    Rice polishing Rate: 60%
    ingredients: Japanese grown rice
    Alcohol content: 19%
    Alcohol Type:  生原酒      
    Vol: 1800ml/ 720ml/ 300ml

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