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Alain Chabanon

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Alain Chabanon, having qualified as an œnologue and served his apprenticeship with Alain Brumont (Madiran), founded his own domaine in the early 1990s.
Today, the vineyard covers 17 hectares and produces around 50,000 bottles of which half are exported.
The management of the vines has been certified organic since 2002, and recognized as biodynamic under the ‘Demeter’ label since 2011.
Alain Chabanon created his domaine, now the Domaine Alain Chabanon, on just a few tiny sites in the early 1990s. A young oenologue, he was anxious to realize his dream …
Starting from scratch in 1992, producing a mere 2000 bottles, the Domaine has grown steadily until Autumn 2011 – the year of the Domaine’s twentieth vintage – when the 17 hectares of vines will give birth to nearly 50,000 bottles. The vineyard has been managed organically for ten years and was awarded a biodynamic certificate for the 2011 harvest. The range is made up of six red wines (Campredon, Le Petit Merle aux Alouettes, Les Boissières, L'Esprit de Font Caude, le Merle aux Alouettes and the latest arrival: Saut de Côte), a rosé (Rosé Tremier) and a dry white (Trélans).
Just two examples illustrate our absolutely rigorous commitment to top quality in producing these wines : the vineyard is never treated with fertilizer or compost; vinification takes place with no recourse to artificial cooling.
In addition, most of the wines in our range mature over a long period – 36 months before bottling.
Now it’s up to you, as you taste our wines, to judge for yourself the value of the demands we place on ourselves.

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